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The Temporary MSDA Form


Caution! It is very important to note that anyone can sell diving activities from shore or from boat in Mauritius. The only proof of safety remains the approval certificate delivered by the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA). This approval must be displayed clearly in the dive structure.


Each diver must fill an MSDA form at their disposal in any approved Dive centre. This form includes a medical history questionnaire and third party public liability insurance valid 2 months on the Mauritian territories including Rodrigues Island.




Even if a diver has a private diving insurance from a foreign federation, this does not exempt the diver from the MSDA form that remains mandatory!






The Dive structure must deliver a stub of the MSDA form to each diver.


Please verify that you have filled a MSDA form before starting any diving activities in Mauritius.


Precautions to take:


  • The MSDA form must be original and not a photocopy.

    • French: Blue

    • English: Yellow

    • German: Rosa

    • Italian: Green

  • You must fill the medical form on the back side of the questionnaire

  • You must receive a stub of the MSDA form which allows you to dive in any dive centre in Mauritius

  • On the MSDA Form: don't forget to write your address, your email and persons to contact in case of emergency.

  • The MSDA form is nominative and non transferable.


If those precautions are not followed, the MSDA form will be invalid.


Sample of MSDA form



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